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Say Hello to your Spouse for Me: Part 4

After months of being on the run, Asa has finally escaped Keiran. This Playgirl discovered a fresh spouse, but the dreams still haunt her. Every night that hottie remembers Keiran, and anything this stud put her throughout. It appears to be that that babe's finally free.....

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Just a little suck and fuck

Just stopped over at my friend's house. I knew this babe would be up for a little suck and fuck. We had a few drinks and away this babe went. Man, this babe is so much fun. I've never had a friend that is this much fun. I can get my dick sucked or get laid not quite any time I want. I don't know why this babe does it. Maybe this babe has as much fun as I do?

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Door to Door Dick

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The Maltese Falcum

Mystery, intrigue and facual cumshots galore can be found in this porno-noir in which Jessica learns of an affair majority foul that her spouse's having. In an action of revenge, Jessica hires Johnny for the night with the intention of giving his monster schlong a sweet vaginal massage and proving one time anew, that her cunt is the stuff dreams are made of.

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I come From Kama Sutra Country

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Brunette Ex-Girlfriend's Hot BJ Video

Sexually excited and hot dilettante brunette ex-GF engages in quick BJ-based adultery with her former boyfriend. That babe doesn't even have the time to take off her shredded jeans and sexiest white top, she gets right at it on this lifelike piece of cell phone video.

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Whoredom Cures Boredom

Shay Sights is a lonely mother I'd like to fuck whose spouse Reginald is constantly away on business trips. In lieu of spending time with his wife, this man sends her packages to make her feel beautiful. Instead, they only make her resentful. One day, this babe acquires a knock at the door from Mick Blue who volunteers his services to her. After an impromptu photoshoot with Mick, Shay sets her sights on Mick's dick.

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How I Screwed Kyle's Mommy

For reasons unknown those with hawt mommy's, Kyle invites Rocco over to do laundry during the time that this guy is away, leaving his mamma to deal with Rocco on a day that sweetheart feels horny. This hungry mother will acquire at just about anything to acquire 10-Pounder and will demand it.

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I Desire To Be An Actress, But I Like Being A Whore More

`Jenaveve is an aspiring actress who's receiving some private coaching from Keiran. Her spouse isn't too fond of this and is rather suspicious of leaving her alone with one more stud. It turns out his suspicions are on the money for the very second this guy leaves, Jenaveve jumps Keiran's bones and proves that babe's a real `method actor.``

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Engulf Him Dry

Diana is divorcing her spouse and plans to take 70% of his wealth. But that babe signed a prenup agreement that if this babe cheats on him, that babe gets no thing. Luckily, the spouse's clever lawyer sets up a trap and movie scene tapes her cheating!

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Say SALUTE To Your Spouse For Me 2

Asa has just gotten over the shock and degradation of getting drilled by Keiran and is trying to move on with her life. But this playgirl quickly discovers that Keiran has no intention of letting her go. This Guy moves in next door to her and her spouse and pays 'em a visit one evening. After drugging her spouse, this stud drags Asa into the bedroom to finish the job this stud started last time - namely fucking her taut little asshole!

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Mommy Needs To Discover A Way

Vanilla's hubby is in the Pen for life and all his cash has run dry, so that babe needs to go to his old boss and give up what this babe vowed to keep merely for her spouse.

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Sisterhood of the Travelling Husband

Bill follows his wife across the country 'coz his wife got a fresh job. His sister-in-law puts 'em up in her abode until they can find their own place. After being neglected by his wife for her recent job, this chab finds solace in the arms of his sister-in-law.

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Photo Finish... On Her Face!

Haley is in a loveless marriage and this playgirl desperately wants to re-ignite the spark in their relationship. So this playgirl hires Rocco to take sexy fotos of her. As the photoshoot gets greater amount intense, Haley starts discovering her newfound sexuality and gives a decision to experiment with none other than Rocco!

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Say HOWDY to your Spouse for Me: Part three

After shooting Keiran, and allegedly shooting her spouse, Asa Akira is sent to prison. That Babe's got no thing left, her husband is gone, and that babe'll be in prison for the rest of her life. Just when this babe thinks it couldn't get any worst, this babe acquires a visit from an old ally...

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Engulf For My Silence

Jenni has cause for concern, her husbands majority astonishing friend Keiran saw her on a date with some other chap final night and now Keirans coming over for dinner! Even though Jenni keeps insisting that the dinner was virginal Keiran knows more excellent. Keiran too knows that this means this chap can do soever this chap wants to her constricted body in exchange for his silence. Jenni will do anything to stop Keiran from ruining her marriage even if that means taking Keirans huge dong up her constricted love tunnel while her spouse eats dessert downstairs.

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I Dream Of Anal

Angelina's spouse is going away on business once more, which leaves her feeling unloved and unfulfilled. Thankfully, that chick has a very active imagination as well as a pair of attractive studs - Mick and Danny - working on her garden to provide greater amount than sufficiently masturbatory material. But what happens when Angelina's imagination acquires carried away and the lines between reality and fantasy intertwine?

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Irreconcilable Slut Pt. two

After a wonderful first night on their honeymoon, Rocco resolves head off to the market leaving Tori to wander around on the beach. Along the way, this babe meets up with Scott who questions whether rushing into a marriage at 22 wasn't a hasty action on her part. Insulted, that babe retreats back to her hotel only to contemplate what life is going to be like having only one wang to engulf and fuck. And that's when Scott comes a knockin' at her door.

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Irreconcilable Slut Pt. three

The soap opera that is Tori and Rocco's marriage proceeds in this thrilling episode where we learn that Rocco is cheating on his wife with her most fine friend April, a fine piece of a-hole who's fuckilicious slit is not quite worth ending a marriage over.

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Fresh Neighbourhood Slut

When fresh neighbours move into Keiran's neighbourhood, this chab can't help but notice the sexy wife next door married to an old guy. Every morning this guy wakes up to a personal show put on by her in her backyard. One Time Keiran's wife notices, this chab is compulsory to go over there and take care of business.

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